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Film Hub Wales are asking young people to review British independent and foreign films that they have seen in the cinema.  If you run a young person's film club or work with a young person (16-30) at your cinema and think that they would be interested in reviewing films please contact



Amy Collins was doing a work experience placement at Chapter Arts Centre, and kindly wrote this review for us.


2001: A Space Odyssey 50th Anniversary Release

By Amy Collins


2001: A space Odyssey was an interesting film and very different to the usual sci-fi film. It is based around a strange object, which is found on the moon and because of this object a group of people have to go to Jupiter. 

The film doesn’t have a soundtrack and uses famous classical songs instead. This puts emphasis on the long atmospheric scenes, which wouldn’t fit or make sense in other movies. Despite the atmospheric scenes I felt that some of them went on a little bit long, but it did make you think about why a certain scene was there.

The movie ends on a bit of a cliff hanger and I felt like I left the cinema trying to figure out what happened at the end. This separates this movie from movies with a predictable plot and ending and keeps the person watching A Space Odyssey in suspense. 

Overall I enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it despite its sometimes intricate plot.