Film in Afan - CLOSED


Ffilm Cymru Wales is working with partners in Upper Afan to regenerate schools and community centres as places where everyone can watch and learn all about film.

Pupils at Croeserw Primary have  been doing an excellent job running a vibrant filmclub with local care homes through intergenerational film nights. Having to travel for hours to reach the nearest cinema on a bus journey of just 15 miles each way, it's not easy for people living in Upper Afan to have the full cinema experience.

Working with parters such as Chapter Arts Centre, Media Education Wales and Gritty Realism, the project will develop a sustainable mobile cinema run by the community, giving residents the opportunity to work with a steering group to programme and operate 3 local cinemas. Filmmaking and literacy workshops along with mentoring in business and marketing will provide opportunities for new skills, work experience and the chance to make new friends!

Film in Afan is leading the way, showing other communities in Wales and beyond how they can use film to work together and have fun!


Film Hub Wales supported projects:
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