BRANCHES: The Nature of Performance

By Film Hub Wales



National Theatre Wales, renowned for innovative site-specific productions, commissioned Berlin-based, award winning, choreographer, Constanza Macras to create a live dance theatre event in Wepre Park, North Wales, UK.

This documentary focuses on the creative journey undertaken by Macras, and her cast, in creating the production.  Beginning from initial improvisations conceived in the rehearsal studio, they develop and refine the material for the show. As they move from the comfort of the dance studio, into the natural and wild environment of the woods, each of the performers face their own individual challenges in creating their performances.


Shot in Wales: Wepre Park

Set in Wales: Wepre Park




The live performance, BRANCHES: The Nature of Crisis, took place in Wepre Park, and was part of the London 2012 Festival for the Cultural Olympiad. View the website here (National Theatre Wales)