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Image: Bypass
Image: Bypass



Tim is a good kid. Tim is a criminal. Tim has no job, but he earns money as a small-time fence, selling stolen goods. He cares for those close to him and knows his responsibilities towards them, even in the toughest times, even in bereavement for a mother.

His girlfriend Lilly loves him. And Tim loves and trusts Lilly. She is his only source of refuge and hope. Tim tries to be patient with his kid sister Helen, with her lies about attending school and her refusal to accept his authority as legal caregiver. Tim wishes his grandfather didn’t need to live in a care home. It’s an uneasy move for a proud old man who gave his life to an industry that is no longer there for his grandsons. Things are looking better for big brother Greg, recently released from prison. He’s determined to steer clear of local thug Lester, who mocks Greg’s cleaning job. Lester pays much better for robberies.

As the financial pressure of daily life builds, Tim becomes more and more tense. His health takes a bad turn, but he is hesitant about seeking treatment. When his supplier is brutally attacked, Tim’s world takes on a new dimension of menace. In the coming days, Tim must face that he could be connected to more serious crime, more dangerous men.


Welsh producer: Kate Crowther

Supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales


Date: 10th April 2015

Running time: 105 min

Certificate: 15

Format: DCP

Language: English



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"It could be that Bypass is more a true descendent of Ken Loach’s Kes than anything like these more recent trailblazers- or even Mike Leigh- his camera is as roving and as subjective as Hopkins’ but without the need for the occasional centre framing or fracturing of time and internal visual portraits." - Critics Associated 





Bypass was screened as part of Phoenix Community Cinema's Welsh film season, supported by FHW's Welsh Film Support. It was also screened for exhibitors at one of our Welsh Film Preview Days.




If you are a Welsh exhibitor you may be eligible to submit a proposal for support as this film is covered by our Made In Wales strategy