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"Jones gives Eldra some real moxie, and she grows on the viewer, as does the thoroughly cute Roberts." - Variety


Based on a true story, Eldra Jarman (Iona Jones) is a spirited young girl who cannot concentrate on her studies. Instead, her imagination focuses endlessly -- and fittingly -- on a fox she's seen running wild. Over summer vacation, this wild child visits family in a small village, where she effortlessly garners the attention of a posh young man named Robat (Gareth Wyn Roberts) and his dour older brother, Taid (John Ogwen). Her Gypsy-like whimsy soon brings her much attention.

Welsh connections

Welsh director: Timothy Lyn

Welsh writer: Manon Eames

Welsh producer: Bethan Eames

Based on a Welsh memoir: Eldra Jarman

Shot in Wales

Set in Wales

Welsh language


Date: 17th January 2003

Running time: 93 minutes

Certificate: PG

Booking details

Contact: jen.pappas@s4c.co.uk

Film Hub Wales projects

Eldra was screened as part of CELLB's Calon Y Cymru season, supported by FHW's Welsh Film Support.



This is film is covered by our Made In Wales strategy, which means if you an a Welsh exhibitor you may be eliable to submit a proposal for support. For more information click here