Gwaed Ar Y Sêr

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A group of celebrities are scheduled to appear at a concert in a village hall. An elderly man and his choir of schoolchildren, fearing that the celebrities will steal their limelight, take drastic measures to stop their appearance, by murdering them. 

Made in 1975, this film was screened in the Sinemaes tent as part of the National Eisteddfod. It was screened in the Welsh language without subtitles, with a live music interpretation from H. Hawkline.

Welsh connections

Welsh director: Wil Aaron

Welsh writer: Dafydd Huw Williams

Shot in Wales: Gwynedd

Set in Wales

Welsh language


Date: 1975

Running time: 60 minutes

Film Hub Wales projects

Gwaed Ar Y Sêr was screened at the National Eisteddfod of Wales with live accompanied performance from H.Hawkline as part of Sinemaes.



This is film is covered by our Made In Wales strategy, which means if you an a Welsh exhibitor you may be eliable to submit a proposal for support. For more information click here