LGBT50: Gross Indecency

By FHW Marketing

The BFI is marking 50 years since a major landmark in human rights - the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales - with a number of screenings and events at BFI Southbank, on BFI Player and in cinemas across the UK.

Gross Indecency is a season exploring the pioneering - and sometimes problematic - depictions of LGBT life in British film and TV in the years immediately before and after the 1967 Sexual Offences Act.

If you're a Film Hub Wales member wishing to take part in Gross Indecency, the following films and TV shows have been made available:


All requests for TV titles to Matthew Harle - 

Play of the Week: South (1959)

On Trial: Oscar Wilde (1960)

Compass: The Importance of Being Oscar (1960)

The Wednesday Play: Horror of Darkness (1965)

This Week: Homosexuals (1964)

This Week: Lesbians (1965)

Man Alive: Consenting Adults 1. The Men (1967)

Man Alive: Consenting Adults 2. The Women (1967)

What's a Girl Like You... (1969)

The Naked Civil Servant (1975)

World in Action: Quentin Crisp (1970)


Serious Charge (1959) - Park Circus

The World Ten Times Over (1963) - TBC

The Leather Boys (1964) - Indemnity

Dream A40 (1965) - BFI Distribution

Come Dancing (1970) - London Film School

The Killing of Sister George (1968) - Disney USA

Staircase (1969) - Park Circus

Two Gentlemen Sharing (1969) - Park Circus

Black Cap Drag (1969) - Simon McCallum, BFI

Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) - Park Circus

Girl Stroke Boy (1971) - Park Circus

I Want What I Want (1972) - TBC

Nighthawks (1978) - BFI Distribution

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