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"Beautifully shot, eloquently acted (by Andrea Riseborough above all) and directed with great emotional reserve by first-timer Amit Gupta." - The Telegraph


After all the women in a remote valley on the Welsh border awaken to find their husbands have left to serve in the covert British Resistance, German occupiers arrive in this alternate-reality thriller set in 1944 where D-Day has failed and the United Kingdom has been invaded by Nazi Germany. Facing a harsh winter, the women and soldiers find they must co-operate with one another to survive.

Welsh connections

Adapted from a Welsh novel

Shot in Wales: Monmouthsire

Set in Wales: Monmouthshire

Supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales


Date: 25th November 2011

Running time: 90 minutes

Certificate: PG

Booking details

Formerly Metrodome - TBC

Film Hub Wales projects

Resistance was screened by Penarth Pier Pavilion as part of the Santes Dwynwen 2016 celebrations.