The Sleeping Room

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When 19 year-old call girl Blue (LEILA MIMMACK) is sent by her violent pimp Freddie (DAVID SIBLEY) and his blowsy partner, Cynthia (JULIE GRAHAM) to meet a new punter in Brighton, little does the sexy young professional know the horrifying impact it will have on her wayward life. Because while she’s unusually attracted to her handsome client Bill Hepworth (JOSEPH BEATTIE) and his quirky charms, she’s even more intrigued by the house the master builder and decorator is currently hard at work renovating.

For the grand terraced Regency property, known as The Pells, once used to be an infamous Victorian brothel and together they uncover a mysterious annexe behind a two-way-mirror that prostitutes of the day used as a clandestine resting area.

Further investigation reveals faded photographs in dusty broken frames showing The Pells’ original owner between 1890 and 1916 - Fiskin Swannell (CHRISTOPHER ADAMSON) eventually exposed as a cruel serial killer who recorded his most unspeakable crimes on the media of the era, the Mutoscope, the coin-in-the-slot peep show machines favoured by seaside pier arcades.

It transpires the whole Fiskin Swannell murder scandal holds the key to the dark secrets of Blue’s murky family’s past, and the chilling closet space is about to unleash terrible supernatural forces and occult possession. Nobody will escape its monstrous power unless a score for a heinous felony is settled.

Welsh connections

Welsh director: John Shackleton

Welsh producer: Gareth I. Davies


Date: 5th December 2014

Running time: 74 minutes

Certificate: 15


Contact: / + 44(0)844 800 9221


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