Year of the Sea

By FHW Marketing




You may have spotted that we’re celebrating Year of the Sea in Wales during 2018, with year of discovery on the horizon for 2019. Visit Wales are inviting us to explore our country's outstanding coastline, inviting visitors to discover new epic experiences all around our shores, with special events and attractions throughout the year.
Year of the Sea presents us with a special opportunity to promote Wales to the world as a 21st Century coastal destination, from lakesides to riverbanks, bays and beaches. As Adrift and On Chesil Beach hit the big screen, we’ve trawled through an ocean sized list of films to bring you some of our sea themed favourites, from contemporary, to cult and not forgetting the best of Welsh cinema.


You can view our list of films in the Programming and Events booklet.



Support is available if you programme your film(s) before the end of 2018. For more information click here