Immersive Cinema from EarFilms

EarFilms -  To Sleep is to Dream
EarFilms - To Sleep is to Dream

EarFilms produce immersive live events purely using audio - creating a cutting-edge narrative journey for the imagination. Teaming 3D Audio, unique sonic story language and live narration the show is housed within a custom 3D listening environment. Additionally audience members are blindfolded to focus their senses.


The vision is to create a first of its kind experience that truly unlocks the listener’s imagination. EarFilms breathes new life into the tradition of storytelling, turning it into a hyper-real experience and providing an antidote to a World which is fast being taken-over by screens.


Their latest film, To Sleep is to Dream has recently been selected by the British Council to feature as part of their 2015 Edinburgh Festival showcase and is currently booking venues for a 2016 Spring tour.


Set in a society where the act of dreaming is outlawed, Jack Richards - a man lost in the system - has a glimpse of a dream. When he sees a symbol from his dream in waking life he follows it and finds himself in an underground group of resistance dreamers living beneath the city. They reveal their discovery. Buried deep beneath the layers of dreams, is a lost realm of existence. To find it, Jack must journey through his own subconscious and beyond. And so begins an incredible adventure in Jack's bid to discover this magical realm and reclaim it for all.

Haunting and magical, To Sleep To Dream is a story of hope in darkness, the power within a dreamer and the boundless freedom found in imagination.


For more information on Earfilms visit their website  or contact Megan Nelsey-Ace for bookings