Moviola to host Sustainability for Community Cinema events

Image: © Moviola
Image: © Moviola

MOVIOLA is a network of just over 250 community cinemas in a wide variety of settings that bring the latest and best in cinema to your community, wherever you live in the UK - in the last year nearly 2,000 film shows for 125,000 people.

In JulyMOVIOLA is holding a one–day event on Sustainability for Community Cinemas:

  • Saturday 15th July at Llanfair Kilgeddin in Monmouthshire (between Usk and Abergavenny)  

The event starts at 10.30am and ends at 5.00pm and is FREE OF CHARGE to attend.

Key issues to be addressed include:

  • Identifying the local audience and those who do not currently attend shows
  • The way the local cinema service is marketed
  • The way individual shows are publicised
  • The quality of the cinema experience being offered (especially “Added Value” ideas)
  • Additional ways of generating income
  • The ways in which the programme can be broadened to attract a wider group
  • Keeping up volunteer support and finding time to put on additional shows
  • Fitting in the cinema service with the other activities held in the community

On the day, MOVIOLA will share the actual experience of groups from inside their network and further afield, who have diversified successfully and attract large audiences (typically in excess of 70).  

The event will be pitched at a level of direct benefit to community cinema volunteers, with content which is immediately relevant to what they do in their community cinema.

The event will also be a chance for local groups to meet, discuss and share ideas with fellow volunteers over a buffet lunch, tea and coffee breaks - and they will be fun!

There will also be a chance to meet key MOVIOLA staff including Toby Walkley, the new Programme Director and Tony Ewart, the Financial Director, to quiz them on future plans and to feedback experience. 

*Bursaries are available from Film Hub Wales if you would like to attend (to help with travel/accommodation costs).

Community Cinemas from outside the Moviola network are welcome to attend.
For more information (or to book a place) please email:

Closing date for bookings: Friday 30th June