Rhys Big
Hollywood star Rhys Ifans opens new community screen room at Blaenau Ffestiniog’s cinema, CellB

On Saturday February 20, CellB’s second cinema screen was officially opened by none other than The Amazing Spiderman & Kingsman star Rhys Ifans, in a virtual livestream event. The screen has even been named after him as a gesture of appreciation for all his community youth work during the pandemic.  

This marks an exciting step forward for the local arts and culture industry, as well as creating more opportunities for youth projects, all of which have suffered greatly over the last year due to the Covid crisis.  

CellB is run by Gwallgofiad, a not for profit social enterprise that has been providing creative training for the young people of Blaenau Ffestiniog since 2003. Situated in the old police station, it has been a hub of activity over the years, hosting a range of gigs and youth projects, then expanding into a hostel, bar, restaurant and now most recently, a cinema.  

Owner and Blaenau local Rhys Roberts has always believed in broadening the horizons for young people, a core value behind CellB’s ‘Clwb Clinc’, a Welsh language youth club providing a range of free creative arts and media workshops. When the pandemic first struck in spring 2020, these workshops had to move online. Members still benefited from structured virtual meetings, and were also treated to Q&A sessions with Rhys Ifans and Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens. Since his first zoom appearance in May last year, Rhys Ifans proved a hit with the kids, forming a lasting mentorship and inspiring them to create their own videos, as well as committing to support future creative projects for the youths. 

Thanks to support from Art Council WalesCommunity Foundation WalesCist GwyneddFfilm Cymru Wales ac Nod Canolfan Ffilm Cymru as part of the Rhwydwaith Cynulleidfa Ffilm BFI (FAN), made possible by the Loteri Cenedlaethol, this creative energy fueled Clwb Clinc’s reopening in August 2020, where the team worked together to reshuffle its priorities, namely asking the question, how to keep a cinema open in a socially-distanced world? It soon became clear that space was extremely important, with many of the locals having expressed concern about revisiting the cinema due to being in close proximity with others. It was decided that the upstairs courtroom, previously used for social events, would become the second screen, with its large space providing room for flexibility both in terms of functions and audience seating. This includes six ‘creative pods’ where the young people can also work on their projects outside of screen time. 

The aim of the cinema is to use any profits to subsidise the costs of these youth workshops, thus creating a sustainable community system that benefits the general public as well as young people. Training opportunities in box office and projection skills will also be provided, with the long-term goal of securing future work in the industry. Rhys Roberts says: 

 Past projects have proven that arts workshops often lead to the development of an exciting and successful career in the arts, whether in theatre, music, literature. I am confident that we can repeat this goal again and again.

In this time of restricted movement and social isolation people are yearning for ways to escape, and what better way to do so than to watch a good film in the (safely distanced) company of others? A diverse program is currently  being put together, featuring films from around the world as well as much loved classics. Films to be screened include Spirited AwayPain and Glory ac Capernaum. 

The ‘Rhys Ifans Sgrin 2’ was opened with a live-stream event. Rhys Ifans said: 

 It is a great honor to be part of such an exciting initiative, the Cell B team & Gwallgofiaid is a great example of a community pulling together to create a safe and creative space for the young people of the area. 

 Having a Welsh-born actor opening a cinema screen in collaboration with the local youth project perfectly encapsulated the ethos behind CellB’s new venture. It’s a special mix of community-focused concern and forward-thinking innovation, whilst also following guidelines to keep everyone safe.

 Hana Lewis, Manager of Film Hub Wales adds:

The role of cinemas in our communities has become even more crucial during the pandemic. CellB continues to put their young creatives first, keeping them connected at a time when they are most at risk of isolation. The opening of screen two, with the invaluable support of Rhys Ifans, is a testament to their hard work and creativity.

Keep an eye out for Cellb’s ‘Sinema’r Byd’ film package takeaway box coming soon. At a time where we can’t travel let Cellb take you on a world voyage through film, food and drink. Boxes will vary each week with a diverse range of specialised, independent and world cinema films on DVD accompanied by street food snacks and drinks from the visited country.


Watch the opening of Sgrin2 live stream on Youtube


Download the full press release here
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St Davids Day Collage
Film Hub Wales Recommends: Saint David’s Day Edition

In celebration of Saint David’s Day coming up, the Film Hub Wales team have picked just a handful of films with welsh connections to watch at home. See below for our personal recommendations, but you can also find our full Made in Wales film catalogue, and an extensive list of films with Welsh connections that can be watched while at home yma.

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Seren Stiwdios (1)
Welsh Government announces Great Point to take over Seren Stiwdios

Great Point will manage the studio for 10 years, with an option to acquire and expand the large studio complex. The agreement, which came into effect this week, closely follows Great Point’s recent announcements of the building of Lionsgate Studios in Yonkers, NY, as well as a second studio complex in Buffalo, New York. This third studio signals Great Point’s commitment to expanding its efforts to build and manage state-of-the-art production facilities in key production cities, where pressure on existing studio space is ever-increasing.

Seren Stiwdios in Cardiff, Wales, was built and developed by the Welsh Government in 2015. It has four large stages totaling 74,000 square feet, in addition to copious production office and ancillary space. Nearby locations are spectacular and diverse, with cityscapes, coast and countryside all easily accessible. Film and TV productions which have shot at Seren include The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Sherlock, Show Dogs, The State, A Discovery of Witches, The Crown and Doctor Who.

Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Lord Elis-Thomas, said:

We are delighted to welcome Great Point to Wales with the establishment of their first studio complex in the UK as they bring with them access to a global network of industry contacts and exciting opportunities. Great Point’s approach to supporting and developing the local supply chain along with their commitment to education and mentoring will further enhance the creative sector in Wales. Great Point Seren Stiwdios will enhance Wales’ reputation as a preferred location for productions and further improve career and employment opportunities.

Read the full press release

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Dod â sinema Affricanaidd i Gymru
Bydd gŵyl ffilmiau Affricanaidd flynyddol Cymru, Watch-Africa Cymru, yn digwydd ar-lein yn 2021, gan ddod ag Affrica a Chymru at ei gilydd i ddathlu sinema Affricanaidd.

Sefydlwyd yr ŵyl Watch-Africa Cymru wyth mlynedd yn ôl yn ne Cymru, a hon yw unig ŵyl ffilmiau Affricanaidd Cymru. Mae'r 9fed rhifyn eleni yn symud ar-lein ac yn digwydd rhwng 19 a 28 Chwefror 2021.

Gyda chefnogaeth Canolfan Celfyddydau Chapter, Ffilm Cymru a Choleg Brenhinol Cerdd a Drama Cymru, mae rhaglen gyffrous o'r enw 'Dod ag Affrica i Gymru', wedi cael ei churadu. Bydd yr ŵyl yn sgrinio amrywiaeth o 10 o ffilmiau gwych, a sesiwn holi ac ateb fyw gyda chyfarwyddwyr, cast ac arbenigwyr.

Ynghyd â'r rhaglen sinema hon, bydd yr ŵyl yn cynnig cyfres o weithdai diddorol hefyd, sydd wedi'u trefnu'n arbennig i gefnogi’r rhaglen sinema (gan gynnwys gweithdy ar Lên Gwerin Affricanaidd!).

Bydd yr ŵyl hon yn dathlu cyfnewidfeydd diwylliannol dilys drwy gydweithrediadau sinematig traws-genedlaethol. I agor yr ŵyl, mae’n bleser gan Watch-Cymru Africa groesawu Florence Ayisi, gwneuthurwr ffilmiau Cymru-Affrica. Bydd yr ŵyl yn dod i ben gyda sgriniad 'Buganda Royal Music Revival' a thrafodaeth gyda gwneuthurwyr ffilmiau a chynrychiolwyr Coleg Brenhinol Cerdd a Drama Cymru.

Dilynwch Watch-Africa Cymru ar Facebook, Twitter ac Instagram i ymuno â’r drafodaeth arlein ac i gael cyfle i ennill rhywfaint o wobrau arbennig.

Meddai Christine Patterson, cynhyrchydd Watch-Africa Cymru:

Rwy'n falch iawn o fod yn rhan o gydweithrediadau mor wych ar gyfer yr ŵyl ffilmiau eleni. Mae'r rhaglen hon yn siŵr o ysgogi ystod eang o emosiynau, a sbarduno rhywfaint o drafodaethau diddorol. Rydym ni, yn ogystal â'n cydweithwyr, yn edrych ymlaen at fwynhau'r ŵyl sydd i ddod gyda chi.

Meddai Claire Vaughan o Ganolfan Celfyddydau Chapter:

Rydym wedi bod yn gweithio gyda Watch-Africa ers blynyddoedd lawer, ac rwy'n falch iawnein bod ni wedi helpu i wneud yr ŵyl hon yn ŵyl ddigidol eleni, fel bod cynulleid faoedd yn cael cyfle i weld yr holl ffilmiau gwych hyn.

"Mae gwledd o’ch blaen- rhaglenni dogfen gan wneuthurwyr ffilmiau yng Nghymru, sylwebaeth gymdeithasol, comedi, clasuron a rhywfaint o'r ffotograffiaeth harddaf y byddwch yn ei weld eleni.

"Rwy'n edrych ymlaen yn arbennig at y gweithdai, sy'n cynnwys addysgwyr fel Abu-Bakr Madden Al-Shabazz. Peidiwch â cholli eich cyfle i weld y ffilmiau hyn, a gweld ychydig o'r byd sydd ddim ar gael i ni ar hyn o bryd."

Dywedodd yr Athro Florence Ayisi, gwneuthurwr ffilmiau Affricanaidd sy'n byw yng Nghymru ac sydd â dwy ffilm sydd yn mynd i gael eu sgrinio, bod:

"Watch-Africa Cymru yn cynnig gofod creadigol i wneuthurwyr ffilmiau a phobl sy’n caru ffilmiau i gysylltu a thrafod. Mae'n ofod arbennig sy'n ymwneud mwy â syniadau, delweddau a straeon am ddiwylliant a phrofiadau Affricanaidd a gipiwyd mewn ffilm. Yn bwysicach na hynny, mae'n le i weld, clywed a gwybod ychydig mwy am safbwyntiau a phrofiadau byw sy'n pontio bylchau o wybodaeth anghywir a chamddehongliadau am fywyd yn Affrica."

Mae Watch-Africa Cymru yn fwy na gŵyl ffilmiau; mae wedi creu lle i gynulleidfaoedd ddathlu diwylliannau pobl Affricanaidd sy'n ffurfio Cymru amlddiwylliannol; gweledigaeth wych!

Mae tocynnau ar gyfer yr Ŵyl Ffilmiau Dod ag Affrica i Gymru ar werth nawr. Bydd modd prynu pob ffilm a’u ffrydio ar Chwaraewr Chapter.

Cliciwch yma i gael rhagor o wybodaeth am yr ŵyl.
Cliciwch yma i weld clip o ŵyl Watch Africa 2021.

Mae’r ŵyl yn cael ei chefnogi gan: Ffilm Cymru, Panel Cynghori Is-Sahara (SSAP), Hub Cymru Affrica (HCA), Coleg Brenhinol Cerdd a Drama Cymru (RWCMD)


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Heather Small Iris Prize
Heather Small is confirmed as new Patron for the Iris Prize

Organisers of the Cardiff based Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival are delighted to confirm the appointment of Heather Small as a patron of the organisation.

The world-famous soul singer achieved huge success in the 90s with the group M People, selling over 10 million albums worldwide, before embarking on a solo career, with hits including Proud. Heather has been a supporter of the Iris Prize for many years, performing during the festival’s awards show in 2017 and returning in 2018 as a member of the International Jury.

Heather Small, Singer and Iris Patron commented:

There are certain things you do that put joy in your heart and make you smile from the inside out: that, for me, is the Iris Prize.

“I have to say, it feels amazing. I am truly committed to the Iris Prize and I am truly committed to my new role. I want to bring something a little extra that is part of me, in the sense of more people hearing about the Iris Prize and more people seeing those films. They definitely have to be seen. These stories have to be told.”

Berwyn Rowlands, Director and Founder of the Iris Prize commented: 

I’ve always been a massive fan of Heather and I’m happy to admit I was a little starstruck when she agreed to support Iris by performing at the awards show. They say “don’t meet your heroes”, but I’m glad I did!

 “She was amazing and a very popular jury member who took the job seriously. She took an active part in the decision-making process which awards one film maker with the £30,000 Iris Prize — still the world’s largest single prize for a short film.

 “What’s super cool about Heather is she’s got the gift of reaching out to people. There was a lovely incident in a Cardiff restaurant during the 2018 festival. It was late and the jury were tired having been watching and discussing films all day. Heather had other ideas, suddenly she befriended the guy who had been entertaining the diners with his guitar. Next thing, they were singing Stand By Me together. It was one of those magic moments, which happen often when you are in the company of this special person.”

Andrew Pierce, Festival Chair, commented:

You just know when somebody is genuine and interested in your work. Heather has been unbelievably generous with her time supporting Iris and our work in sharing LGBT+ stories to as wide an audience as possible.

“In our 15th anniversary year we are in a strong position to take Iris to another level. Unexpectedly we reached audiences in the 80,000 in 2020 as we took Iris online. I’m sure with Heather joining us formally as a patron we should be able to sustain those numbers in 2021 and I hope increase them.”

“There are a lot of unknowns about how 2021 will pan out, primarily because of the continued impact of the pandemic. But I am reassured that with Heather joining our other patrons, including Lord Glendonbrook, Christopher Racster, Sara Sugarman, Katie White and myself, we have enough stability to see our work continue and increase in impact as we share more LGBT+ stories with new audiences.”

To celebrate her appointment as an Iris Prize patron, Heather appears on the cover of DIVA Magazine (February 2021), which also features a full 7-page interview between Heather and DIVA publisher Linda Riley. The following is a small extract from the interview:  

This year Iris celebrates its 15th anniversary. Why do you think it’s been such a success? 

I think it’s the passion, dedication and commitment of all involved – Berwyn Rowlands, festival director and his team. I’ve met them several times over the years. It was so wonderful that even with Covid they made it work and involved more people than ever before.”

“There’s no incentive like being told “no” to make you turn it into a “yes”. I understand that more than a lot of people. When you belong to the LGBTQI community, when you belong to the Black Lives Matter movement, you understand being marginalised, you understand people telling you “no”. The word “no” followed me around like a bad odour in my youth. Somebody saying, “It’s going to be a challenge”, “It’s going to be difficult”, “It’s going to be hard”. All that does is fuel your ambition and you press forward.”

The full story in Diva is available here.

The main festival sponsors are: The Michael Bishop Foundation, Welsh Government, the BFI awarding funds from The National Lottery, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Film 4, University of South Wales, Co-op Respect, Bad Wolf, Gorilla Group, Peccadillo Pictures, Pinewood Studios, Attitude Magazine, Diva Magazine and The Ministry of Sound. 

Mae'r ŵyl hefyd yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth â BAFTA Cymru, Pride Cymru a Stonewall Cymru. 

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Made In Wales 800×450
Canolfan Ffilm Cymru yn penodi Swyddog Gwnaethpwyd yng Nghymru newydd i hyrwyddo ffilmiau Cymreig.

Mae Canolfan Ffilm Cymru wedi creu rôl arloesol newydd, ar gyfer hyrwyddo ffilmiau Cymreig a’r sinemau sydd yn eu dangos.

Mae Radha Patel yn ymuno gyda’r tîm fel y Swyddog Gwnaethpwyd yng Nghymru ar gyfnod holl bwysig wrth i’r diwydiant ffilm gynllunio ar gyfer dyfodol y tu hwnt i Covid-19. Gyda chefnogaeth gan Cymru Greadigol a’i ddatblygu mewn ymgynghoriad gyda’r diwydiant sgrin Cymreig, fe fydd y rôl arloesol newydd yma yn edrych ar ffyrdd i ddatblygu cynulleidfaoedd ar gyfer ffilmiau gyda chysylltiadau Cymreig.

Esboniodd Hana Lewis, Rheolwraig Strategol Canolfan Ffilm Cymru:

 “Mae’r diwydiant ffilm wedi wynebu heriau enfawr yn ystod y pandemig, o gau sinemau yn hir dymor a chanslo gwyliau, i oedi mewn amserlennu rhyddhau ffilmiau newydd. Mae ffilmiau Cymreig fel Six Minutes to Midnight Andy Goddard gyda Judy Dench a Dream Horse Euros Lyn gyda Toni Collette, yn ddwy enghraifft yn unig o’r ffilmiau sydd wedi cael eu heffeithio, gan golli incwm tocynnau hanfodol a hefyd cyfle i ddathlu straeon Cymreig. Rydym yn falch o groesawu Radha i’n tîm, i rôl sydd yn gallu cefnogi’r rhain a nifer o ffilmiau newydd eraill wrth iddyn nhw chwilio am lwybrau newydd i gyrraedd cynulleidfaoedd.”

Datblygwyd y rôl ar y cyd gyda Strategaeth Gwnaethpwyd yng Nghymru Canolfan Fffilm Cymru sydd wedi bod yn gweithio i ddathlu’r Gymraeg, a diwylliant a threftadaeth Cymru ar y sgrin ers 2014. Mae dros 700 o ffilmiau gyda chysylltiadau Cymreig ar wefan y Ganolfan, ynghyd ag ystafell rhagddangos ar-lein ar gyfer rhaglenwyr ffilmiau a dewis i wneuthurwyr ffilmiau gyflwyno eu ffilmiau ar gyfer cymorth hyrwyddo. Yn fwyaf diweddar cynhaliodd Canolfan Fffilm Cymru ymchwil i botensial brand Gwnaethpwyd yng Nghymru i hyrwyddo ffilmiau Cymreig yn rhyngwladol.

Dywedodd Gerwyn Evans, Dirprwy Gyfarwyddwr, Cymru Greadigol: 

“Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at adfer ein diwydiannau creadigol yn 2021. Mae ffilmiau wedi chwarae rôl mor allweddol mewn ein diddanu gartref yn ystod 2020, ond edrychwn ymlaen ar groesawu cynulleidfaoedd i’n sinemau unwaith eto. Yng Nghymru mae gennym dreftadaeth gyfoethog ac enw da cadarn o ffilm, gyda nifer o sinemau lleol yn aros i groesawu cynulleidfaoedd yn ôl. Dymunwn y gorau i Radha yn y rôl allweddol yma gyda Chanolfan Ffilm Cymru yn hyrwyddo ffilmiau Cymreig a sinemau yng Nghymru.” 

Dywedodd Claire Vaughan, Rheolwraig Rhaglen Canolfan Gelfyddydau Chapter yng Nghaerdydd:  

"Rydym yn falch bod Radha yn dechrau’r gwaith ar y rôl bwysig yma a fydd yn helpu i hyrwyddo ffilmiau Cymreig. Fe fydd y swydd yma yn ein galluogi i gysylltu gyda rhagor o wneuthurwyr ffilm ac aelodau cynulleidfaoedd sydd yn awyddus i glywed straeon Cymreig. Mae Radha yn artist talentog sydd yn rhoi pwyslais ar sut rydym yn esbonio ein hunain gyda straeon ac mae ei hymagwedd cynnes tuag at gynulleidfaoedd a’i dull proffesiynol gyda rhanddeiliaid yn ei gwneud yn benodiad ardderchog i’r rôl." 

Mae rolau blaenorol Radha yn cynnwys Swyddog Cyfathrebu yn Age Cymru a Swyddog Prosiectau ac Allgyrraedd i Gentle/Radical, corff celfyddydau cymdeithasol ymgysylltiedig yng Nghaerdydd. Mae gan Radha gefndir mewn datblygu cynulleidfa ac mae’n teimlo’n angerddol ynghylch sicrhau bod sinema yn hygyrch ac yn gynrychioliadol o bawb.

Ymchwanega Radha: 

“Rwyf bob amser wedi teimlo’n angerddol am sinema a sicrhau ei fod yn hygyrch i bawb. Fel y Swyddog Gwnaethpwyd yng Nghymru rwyf yn teimlo’n freintiedig i barhau i wneud hyn drwy sicrhau bod ffilmiau a gynhyrchir yng Nghymru, neu sydd â chysylltiadau Cymreig yn cael sylw haeddiannol gan gynulleidfaoedd yn genedlaethol ac yn rhyngwladol. Mae Cymru yn gartref i griwiau a thimau cynhyrchu anghygoel o dalentog, gwneuthurwyr ffilm ac awduron, actorion ac unigolion talentog sydd yn gweithio drwy gydol y flwyddyn i ddod â straeon yn fyw. Er mwyn eu hyrwyddo’n wirioneddol rhaid inni hefyd hyrwyddo cynulleidfaoedd Cymreig oherwydd mae’r straeon a ddywedwn yn perthyn i bob un ohonom"

Dysgwch ragor am Radha a sut y gallwch gysylltu gyda hi drwy wefan Canolfan Ffilm Cymru.

Caiff Canolfan Ffilm Cymru ei arwain gan Chapter fel rhan o Rwydwaith Datblygu Cynulleidfa BFI. Diolch i gyllid y Loteri Cenedlaethol mae Canolfan Ffilm Cymru yn darparu portffolio eang o weithgareddau yn flynyddol gan gyflwyno rhagor o ffilmiau, i ragor o bobl, mewn rhagor o sinemau a gwyliau ffilm ar draws Cymru.


Darllenwch y datganiad i’r wasg llawn yma

Darllen rhagor
FEF Collage
Mae Canolfan Ffilm Cymru yn dyfarnu £52,000 mewn cronfeydd Covid-19 i sinemau a gwyliau yng Nghymru.

Datganiad i’r Cyfryngau:

Mae Canolfan Ffilm Cymru yn dyfarnu £52,000 mewn cronfeydd Covid-19 i sinemau a gwyliau yng Nghymru.

Mae lleoliadau ffilm yn rhoi llesiant ar y blaen yn eu rhaglenni ailagor ôl Covid-19.

Mae Canolfan FfIlm Cymru wedi dyfarnu £52,000 mewn cyllid Loteri Cenedlaethol, drwy Gronfa Arddangos FAN BFI, i 15 o sinema annibynnol a gwyliau ffilm wrth iddyn nhw gynllunio i ailagor.

Defnyddir yr arian i gynorthwyo adferiad, gan alluogi lleoliadau i ailddechrau dangos ffilmiau Prydeinig a rhyngwladol, yn cynnwys drwy seddi ar steil cabaret a ‘swigod sgrin fawr’, er mwyn iddyn nhw allu ailgysylltu gyda’r cymunedau mwyaf ynysig yng Nghyrmu sydd wedi cael eu heffeithio gan y cyfnod clo.

Cynhelir gweithgareddau ffilm gan gadw pellter cymdeithasol ar draws Cymru, gan greu gofod diogel lle gall pobl barhau i deithio’r byd drwy gyfrwng y sgrin fawr, am brisiau fforddiadwy. Fe fydd cynulleidfaoedd ar flaen y broses o wneud penderfyniadau, gyda’u hadborth yn cael ei werthfawrogi gan leoliadau wrth iddyn nhw ailadeiladu.

Er enghraifft, mae TAPE yn Hen Golwyn yn ailgychwyn Sinema Soffa ac fe fydd yn dangos Sanctuary mewn partneriaeth gydag asiantaeth paru lleol newydd i bobl gydag anableddau dysgu, Yn y Barri, fe fydd Canolfan Gelfyddydau’r Memo yn creu gweithgareddau ‘Swigen Sgrin Fawr’ gyda chrefftau digidol a chludo ymaith, ac yn y Magig Lantern, Tywyn, fe fyddan nhw’n ‘ailgynnau’r lantern hud’ gan osod y sinema fel goleudy dewr, eofn ar gyfer y dyfodol.

Ers cychwyn y pandemig mae nifer o safleoedd wedi methu agor eu dryau i’r cyhoedd. Gyda’r dyfodol yn parhau’n ansicr, maen nhw wedi bod yn gweithio i amrywio eu model busnes, datblygu gweithdrefnau iechyd a diogelwch cadarn a sicrhau ffynonellau incwm amgen holl bwysig.

Mae Hana Lewis, Rheolwraig Strategol Canolfan Ffilm Cymru yn esbonio:

Mae angen inni gydnabod effaith sinemau yn ein cymunedau a’r golled potensial y bydd pawb ohonom yn ei wynebu os ydyn nhwn cau oherwydd y pandemig. O Neuadd Ogwen, oedd yn darparu bwyd i 600 o bobl drwy ei fanc bwyd, i’r Magic Lantern a Theatr Gwaun oedd yn darparu cyflenwadau meddygol a chefnogaeth iechyd meddwl i ddefnyddwyr bregus, mae lleoliadau annibynnol wedi mynd yr ail filltir i helpu’r rhai sydd fwyaf mewn angen. Maen nhw weid gwneud hyn ac ar yr un pryd yn cynllunio ar gyfer eu dyfodol ansicr eu hunain, archwilio eu cynlluniau busnes, adolygu eu dulliau mynediad a chydraddoldeb, edrych ar gynaliadwyedd amgylcheddol. Fe fydd y cronfeydd yma yn eu helpu i ailgychwyn darpariaeth cymdeithasol, economaidd a diwylliannol holl bwysig drwy weithgareddau ar y sgrin.

Annie Grundy, Cyd-gyfarwyddwraig The Magic Lantern:

Mae’r arian yma yn ein galluogi i lapio pelen fawr o wlan cotwm o amgylch ffilmiau Prydeinig, annibynnol ac ieithoedd tramor yn ein rhaglen yr oeddem yn yr hen ddyddiau cyn coronafeirws roeddem wedi eu tanysgrifio inni ein hunain. Mae’n sicrhau y gall ein cynulleidfaoedd, hyd yn oed gyda chapasiti llawer llai (36 o seddi yn lle 280 oherwydd rheolau cadw pellter) ddod i wylio cymysegdd eclectig o ffilmiau gwych ar y sgrin yn y Magic Lantern.

Ychwanega Sue Whitbread, Prif Swyddog Gweithredol Theatr Gwaun:  

Mae cefnogaeth Canolfan Ffilm Cymru yn golygu ein bod yn gallu mynd ymlaen gyda’n strategaeth ffilm newydd. Fe fydd Theatr Gwaun nawr yn canolbwynto ar ffilmiau amrywiol, annibynnol gan adfywio diddordeb a datblygu cynulleidfaoedd newydd yn ein cymuned. Mae cyllid yn hanfodol, a hefyd y cyngor a’r mentora arbenigol.

Mae Blanche Giacci yn byw ychydig strydoedd i ffwrdd o Theatr Gwaun ac ar gyfnod normal fe fyddai'n mynychu dangosiad o leiaf unwaith yr wythnos:

Mae Theatr Gwaun yn rhan hanfodol o'n cymuned, yn darparu sinema, diwylliant ac adloniant i bob grwp oedran a diddordeb. Mae'n ganolfan gymdeithasol sydd yn gwella llesiant y gymuned.

Dywed Ben Luxford, Pennaeth Cynulleidfaoedd DU yn BFI: 

Mae eleni wedi dangos pwysigrwydd ac angen rhaglennu y tu hwnt i'r prif ffrwd, ac rydym yn falch o allu cefngi arddangoswyr yng Nghymru i barhau i wneud hynny.

Mae’r gronfa arddangos ffilm (BFI) drwy ei Rwydwaith Cynulleidfa Ffilm (FAN). Mae’r gronfa yn cynnig cymorth hanfodol a pharhad busnes i arddangoswyr ar draws y DU gyfan. Gweinyddir y cronfeydd yng Nghymru gan Ganolfan Ffilm Cymru drwy Chapter fel y Corff Arwain Canolfan Ffilm.

Darllenwch y datganiad i’r wasg llawn yma

O'r chwith i'r dde: Galeri Caernarfon, Memo Arts Centre Barry © Jon Pountney, Theatr Gwaun, The Magic Lantern © Mathieu Gasquet, WOW Women’s Film Club © Jon Pountney, Wicked Wales Tir Morfa Awards, Memo Arts Centre Barry WAM © Jon Pountney, Monmouth Savoy © David Broadbent

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YourScreen: Virtual Cinema Offer

‘Open your doors’ during lockdown and let your audience watch films – mostly new and unavailable on other digital platforms – on YourScreen.

By promoting YourScreen, you will be earning revenue now and well into the future.

What is it?

is your virtual cinema, a short-term solution to keep you going during the pandemic.  It also provides a long-term opportunity to add an extra screen to your film programme – to appeal to new audiences and to generate additional revenue without the overheads.

How does it work?
For every virtual ticket sold, YourScreen will pay you 30%.

Participation is simple:
– They will provide you with a promo code which will give you audience 25% off ticket purchases.
– You promote the films on your website / social media / e-shot.
– At the end of the season they will send you a sales report and an invitation to invoice them for 30% of all purchases made.

If you participated in YourScreen season one, your existing promo code will be valid for season two.

Please get in touch to learn more: patrick.yourscreen@gmail.com or visit their wefan Canolfan Ffilm Cymru.

Current deal:
Season 3 will be available for you to programme between 1 Mar – 23 May 2021.

Films available:

  • Veins Of the World / Die Adern der Welt (April 13th – May 23rd)
  • An Impossible Project (March 1st – March 28th)
  • Asunder (March 1st – April 30th)
  • Cat in the Wall (March 1st – March 31st)
  • A Coach’s Daughter / Córka Trenera (March 19th – April 18th)
  • The Humorist / Yumorist (March 12th – April 25th)
  • The Drifters (March 12th – May 23rd)
  • Selfie (March 26th – May 23rd)
  • Sofia (April 23rd – May 23rd)
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Iris Prize LGBT+ Festival Announces 2020 Winners

Short Calf Muscle, directed by Victoria Warmerdam, has been announced the winner of the Iris Prize 2020, Cardiff’s International LGBT+ Short Film Prize, supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation. This was the first time in the festival’s 14-year history that a film from the Netherlands has won. The £30,000 prize enables Victoria to make a new short film in Wales, becoming the thirteenth Iris production.  Better, directed by Michael J. Ferns, wins Best British Award.

The winners of all Awards categories were announced at a special awards ceremony on Saturday night marking the successful end to the unique virtual festival that has attracted a UK wide audience to watching film screenings and talks online for free, which included the UK premiere on opening night of Lloyd Eyre-Morgan and Neil Ely’s S.A.M.

The awards show included performances by Welsh singer Casi Wyn and pop legend Heather Small.



The international winner of Iris Prize is Victoria Warmerdam for SHORT CALF MUSCLE from the Netherlands.

Philip Guttman, from the Iris Prize jury says,

Short Calf Muscle captures a universal sense of being misunderstood in an hilarious yet absurd comic tone, setting it apart in a class of its own. Piquant dialogue, accomplished storytelling and tongue in cheek acting are distilled into a potent black comedy, where Anders, a gay man, suddenly finds himself labelled to be a “gnome” by everyone around him, harkening to our own society that all too often misgenders or misidentifies others. Filmmaker Victoria Warmerdam masterfully tackles themes of prejudice and societal authoritarianism, captured through an impeccable Stepford style lens which contrasts the loss of control in a world gone mad. Ms. Warmerdam reveals herself to be a singular, exciting and rising comedy director.

The film was the chosen nomination of Iris partner festival Roze Filmdagen; Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival. Werner Borkes, the festival’s Director, said of Victoria’s win,

as a festival we are already extremely honored that we have been a nominating festival for years, but we are all the more proud that our nominee actually takes the prize home. (Eight times is a charm). It is great to see how very ‘Dutch’ the film is in tone and style, but still connects with an international audience through its original but still universal relatable story about whether or not to be different.

The shortlisted finalists also included Runner Up Victoria, as well as Boys ac On My Way.

Of Victoria, jury members and previous Iris Prize winners Lara Zeidan and Sarah Smith say,

A brilliant setting for a simple and touching story perfectly contained within one scene. The shifting of perspectives deftly executed in the writing and directing gives voice to both characters’ complicated emotions. The performances, the pacing, the compositions, the colour palette, and the use of the Victoria Amazónica as metaphor, all work in harmony leading towards a beautifully poetic ending, and demonstrate a remarkable command of the craft of filmmaking.

Of Boys, Mikael Bundsen and Philip Guttman, say,

In Banim (Boys), filmmaker Lior Soroka, draws us into an aching coming of age story depicting one teen’s fight for independence and his mother’s struggle to let go, while simultaneously evoking questions about gender norms in contemporary society. With its riveting performances, the striking complexity in the character’s relationships, and for what is left unsaid, but deeply felt, Soroka has captured our hearts and our imaginations.

Of On My Way, Mikael Bundsen says, “Filmmaker Sonam Larcin crafts an intimate story potent with questions to reflect on long after the film’s running time. Complex characters navigating the conditions of a vulnerable migrant to a clandestine gay relationship teetering on the edge are masterfully brought to life by a stellar cast. It’s beautiful, accomplished and it leaves us passionate to see more”.


The winner of Best of British short films is Scottish-born Michael J. Ferns for BETTER. The other films that made the final shortlist are Runner Up Queens, as well as The Passing ac Wings.

Tim Highsted, Senior Editor, Acquired Feature Films for Film4, who chaired the jury for Best British Short, commented:

The quality and range of this year’s Best British Short film contenders has been excellent – so much so that the jury was spoiled in having to choose a winner. Michael J Fern’s short film Better was distinctive for its quietly controlled and beautifully orchestrated examination of gender as a young mother tries to cope with the bullying of her young son at school. Our other shortlisted titles, Queens, The Passing and Wings raised the bar in their unique portrayals and studies of LGBT+ lives and stories.

Additionally, cementing the first of a three-year sponsorship deal with Film4, all 15 films in Best British programmes will be available for free streaming on All 4 from 11th October.


Best Performance in a Male Role in a Feature Film, sponsored by Attitude, was awarded to Leandro Faria Lelo from DRY WIND, directed by Daniel Nolasco and distributed by TLA Releasing.

Lewis Bayley, chair of Best Feature jury made up of film students from Bournemouth Film School, says,

The award for Best Performance in a Male Role is awarded to Leandro Faria Lelo in Dry Wind, whose compelling performance of sexual desire captivates the audience and explores the intensity of yearning in the monotonous confines of an oppressive system.

He adds,

an honourable mention to Oscar Chiu’s performance in The Teacher, where his gentle and tender performance exposes the audience to the realities of life in Taiwan as a queer teacher through his vulnerability, and spark that commands attention to this quiet protagonist.

Best Performance in a Female Role in a Feature Film, sponsored by Diva, was awarded to Lena Urzendowsy for COCOON. The winner was announced pop legend Heather Small.

Of Lena’s performance, Lewis says,

The award for Best Performance in a Female role goes to Lena Urzendowsky. Lena’s honest and raw portrayal of Nora in Cocoon captures a teenager in a time of self-discovery, complicated by the dramas and vices of those closest to her. In this beautiful coming-of-age story, Lena holds the attention in each frame she appears with quiet nuance and vulnerability.

“The jury would also like to draw attention to recognise the performance of Alexandra Grey in Gossamer Folds, whose warmth and determination to live authentically serve as a beacon of hope in a film where so many characters exist in a state of such uncertainty. Although the film is based in 1986, the relevance to the world today are particularly poignant and a reminder of work yet to be done, and Alexandra’s performance is nothing short of essential.

The Best International Feature Film Award, sponsored by Bad Wolf, is won by COCOON, directed by Leonie Krippendorff and is distributed in UK by Peccadillo Pictures.

Of Cocoon, Lewis Bayley says,

The winning film is an honest and open coming of age story, addressing its lead’s sexuality with delicacy and heart that speaks directly to personal experiences. The innocence of self-discovery, in the midst of the complexities of the lives of those around us are explored with nuance and authenticity. The supporting visages are dreamlike, relatable and beautifully rendered.


The winner of the Youth Jury Award is WINGS from UK director Jamie Weston, and the runner-up is Luca Padrini’s When In Rome (Paese Che Vai).

The four short-listed films, chosen from 35 nominees for the main Iris Prize, were Wings, My God I’m Queer, When In Rome (Paese Che Vai) and Snake, which had been specially programmed by a group of young people from Into Film and Pride Cymru and then voted for by young people from schools across Wales.


One of the additional innovations for this year is the introduction of the Co-op Audience Award, the natural next step in the strong relationship with the Iris Prize, started by Co-op Respect. This year Co-op shoppers will be encouraged to watch the 35 short films – and vote for their favourite.

Those who votes will be eligible to win a trip to attend the 2021 Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival in Cardiff, the prize will include train travel within the UK, hotel accommodation and a full VIP Pass for two people. Other prizes include luxury Co-op Hampers, just in time for Christmas! When can I vote? Voting for the Co-op Audience Award opens on Wednesday 7 October and closes on Saturday 31 October 2020.

Lord Glendonbrook said during his address:

The Iris Prize continues to be the world’s largest short film prize and I’m delighted that through The Michael Bishop Foundation we have been able to support the winners, to create new short films. These Iris Productions are wonderful opportunities for the film makers to be given the freedom to share our stories to a world that sometimes ignore us and sometimes hate us.

Andrew Pierce, Iris Prize Chair says “Against the odds, film makers, sponsors and our UK audience have come together this week to celebrate our stories through film. As David Llewellyn mentioned duringIris Live!,“We may be watching these films in separate rooms, but we’re still watching them together.”

The main festival sponsors are: The Michael Bishop Foundation, Welsh Government, the BFI awarding funds from the National Lottery, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Film 4, University of South Wales, Co-op Respect, Bad Wolf, Gorilla Group, Peccadillo Pictures, Pinewood Studios, Attitude Magazine, Diva Magazine and The Ministry of Sound.

Mae'r ŵyl hefyd yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth â BAFTA Cymru, Pride Cymru a Stonewall Cymru.

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Logo FB Shared Image
Dial F For Freelancer Launches Online, Making Space for Valuable Voices in Film Exhibition and Distribution

Thursday 8th October 2020: A network boasting over 250 members has unveiled their dedicated space celebrating the massive talents represented by the freelance cohort of the UK’s film exhibition and distribution sectors. Dial F for Freelancer is led by film freelancers for their peers, sharing past projects and reaching potential clients. Dial F for Freelancer is the first of its kind and the only dedicated space for freelancers working in film distribution and exhibition.

The current unfolding news regarding the future of film exhibition highlights the pressing need for this platform to exist. Whilst the film industry relies on freelancers, there are currently no formal structures to support them collectively:

“…more than half of the industry workforce are freelancers or mix freelance work with periods of employment. Freelancers are the lifeblood of our industry, yet they don’t have access to the benefits, security or workplace support of permanent employees.” – The Whole Picture Programme Report – The Film and TV Charity, 2020

The Dial F for Freelancer platform has been developed with the needs of freelancers at the forefront to celebrate the sector’s unique skills. The founding members are looking to reduce the barriers and labour to finding paid work by creating an ever-growing network of freelancers.

The grassroots-led project places the platform in the hands of the users rather than a third party. Users control their pitch and profile, choosing the projects of which they’re proudest to showcase. Members of Dial F for Freelancer are also supported with resources, contacts and opportunities to collaborate.

The origins of this concept began during discussions at This Way Up 2019 (the UK’s film exhibition industry conference), a sidebar talk for freelancers led by Toki Allison spoke about the need for an informal network to be created to provide peer to peer support and reduce the feelings of isolation which are prevalent in freelancing. In March 2020 as freelancers began to lose work due to the pandemic, Allison, along with Moira McVean and Jo Taylor-Hitchinson decided to make the network a reality.

Initially a Facebook group set up to support freelancers affected by the onset of the lockdown attracted over 250 members and the trio realised a more formal platform was needed. They were awarded a Community Grant from The Film and TV Charity and have gained further industry support which has allowed them to create the Dial F for Freelancer platform.

The Dial F for Freelancer Steering Group, comprising eight freelancers working in the sector, have worked with a developer to design and launch Dial F For Freelancer to the industry.

This project has been supported by The Film and TV Charity’s Community Grants, a fund from the Film Distributors’ Association, and with further contributions from film distributors, including Altitude Film Distribution, Bohemia Media and eOne. The new platform endeavours to celebrate the wealth of talent and expertise represented across the network, whilst also creating a warm and welcoming space for freelancers working in exhibition and distribution to build their profiles and networks in an effective and easy way. They also plan to build a collective public presence and signpost available support for members.

Jo Taylor, co-founder of Dial F for Freelancer said:

My freelance career has been powered by collaboration and with the invaluable support of my peers. Creating a network such as this has been an aspiration of mine for a long time and so it’s gratifying to be working with colleagues and supporters who feel the same. It is so exciting to see Dial F for Freelancer come to fruition giving our sector the spotlight it deserves.

Andy Leyshon, Chief Executive, Film Distributors’ Association said:

The varied nature of the films FDA members distribute are often reliant upon project-focused freelance expertise across film booking, marketing and publicity specialities. Freelancers have been hit especially hard across the film ecosystem lately and we are pleased to support this worthwhile initiative during these challenging times.

Mark Jones, Head of Publicity, Altitude Media Group said:

Freelancers have played an integral role in several of Altitude’s releases and it’s been brilliant for us to be able to collaborate with a range of dynamic individuals. We know one of the greatest challenges of freelancing is the absence of close knit ‘colleagues’ to introduce new ways of thinking, building skills and further opportunities. Dial F for Freelancer is the perfect dedicated platform to offer that expanded network to those in the industry and also give distributors such as ourselves the opportunity to discover new talent to work with us on our releases.

Timon Singh, Campaigns Manager, Film Hub South West said:

For the BFI FAN New Release scheme, freelancers have been invaluable both to venues and distributors. Venues are often short-staffed, so having someone available to help with social media marketing and promoting the film has been incredibly useful for many. For distributors, freelancers also help to give their titles a fighting chance in an increasingly populated marketplace by promoting their films in more rural venues and organising events around screenings that make them stand-out from the crowd.

Anthony & Teanne Andrews, co-founders, We Are Parable said:

The need for a platform that can bring together freelancers who work in either film exhibition and/or distribution is absolutely essential. It provides the industry with a key place to seek out a wide variety of talented people, enabling opportunities to be visible for all, as well as offering freelancers a network to keep informed of an ever changing sector.

Anna Navas, Director and Programmer, Plymouth Arts Centre said:

Here at PAC we really value the work that freelancers do and have worked with many on different projects over the years. What they bring is new energy, insights and a whole world of different experiences and ways of working. What that does is invigorate organisations in a way that should be celebrated. The work they do is invaluable to the independent exhibition sector.

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Festival UK 2022 Social Graphic 1 Issued 200914 9eed5a99b701ba360780d44a67c674dc
Festival UK* 2022 announces that applications are open for a unique and pioneering, £3 million funded R&D opportunity.

Festival UK* 2022 today announces that applications are open for a unique and pioneering, £3 million funded R&D opportunity. The search is on for the greatest minds and brightest talents drawn from the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, and from across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to form Creative Teams capable of developing major public engagement projects to showcase the UK’s creativity and innovation on a global scale.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

Today marks the start of an exciting and demanding competition to find the brightest and best innovators in the UK as we begin the countdown to Festival UK 2022.We’re looking for the finest creative minds to help show the world what is possible when England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland come together and champion all that is great about our United Kingdom. The winning applicants will receive £3 million to turn their ideas into spectacular, unforgettable realities. This investment will support jobs and create new work across these sectors in all four corners of the UK as we help our cultural and creative industries recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture said:

This is a new and exciting opportunity for innovative minds from Scotland’s renowned Arts and Technology sectors. These challenging and uncertain times have had a profound effect on the culture sector and creative industries, and so I welcome this announcement as a boost to provide opportunities for work for artists, practitioners and organisations across the culture sector and beyond. The festival is an excellent way to highlight the power of culture and creativity to transform lives, to improve health and wellbeing, to contribute to the growing economy, and to bring our diverse communities together. I look forward to seeing the projects that are developed both in Scotland and across the other UK nations as part of the festival.

Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Lord Elis-Thomas said: 

I’m hugely excited by another opportunity to raise Wales’ international profile as a small, creative nation, brimming with talented and friendly people, on the world stage. Coronavirus has placed massive and unprecedented challenges on the very fabric of Welsh life, equally so for our friends across the UK, and we applaud the resilience and creativity on display so far. This festival presents a golden opportunity for our burgeoning creative minds to thrive post-pandemic and once more showcase our talent to the world.

This investment comes at a time of particular need and marks the beginning of a process of development for inspirational projects that have mass appeal. As we look towards a near-future that will mark the transition into recovery, we look forward to a time when people will feel able to celebrate pride in communities and the places they call home.

Martin Green, Chief Creative Officer for Festival UK* 2022, said:

I am thrilled to be leading this project. Festival UK* 2022 will be a series of ten large-scale, thought -provoking, wonder-inducing projects. They will bring people together in unique and astounding ways and showcase our innovation and creativity across the globe. To create work that is ground-breaking and compelling we are investing in idea creation through this R&D phase. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with colleagues from different creative fields. A chance to discover new collaborators and celebrate under-represented talents. The aim is a national celebration of all our creativity. An unprecedented demonstration of the crucial, magical role that creativity can play to make life better.

At the end of the application process up to 30 teams, each receiving up to £100,000, will be selected to participate in the R&D programme to originate compelling, ambitious and extraordinary ideas for projects that have the potential to reach millions of people. Ideas are not a requirement of application process but Creative Teams must be able to demonstrate they have the skills and collaborators needed to meet a set of criteria against which they will be assessed.

£120million of new investment has been allocated to the festival by the UK Government (including £22.8m to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland devolved administrations), which will ultimately allow for the commissioning of up to 10 major projects in the final public programme for 2022. The festival will create opportunities for jobs within sectors significantly impacted by COVID-19.

Four of the ten commissions will each be led by England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, who will directly appoint up to two Creative Teams drawn from within their nations to take part in the R&D process.

Six commissions will be driven by Creative Teams from across the UK and beyond.

All ten commissions will be global in reach. Creative Teams will demonstrate the vital and inspirational role that creativity can play in our changing world; how unforgettable experiences can make life better.

Festival UK* 2022 will present the outcomes of the R&D work, a nationwide expression of innovative possibilities, as a public resource designed to inspire the next generation of UK creatives.

The ten commissions will be launched under a new festival name at the end of 2021 and take place throughout 2022.

R&D Timeline

9 September Registration & Applications Open
16 October 3pm Deadline for submissions
16 November – 31 January R&D Programme
1 – 26 February R&D Presentations and Shortlisting

Full details of the R&D Opportunity, Application Process and Guidelines can be found here.

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