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Quiet, watchful Doe hasn’t gone anywhere since arriving in the UK as a refugee at the age of three from Somalia. Badass Muna, of Pakistani heritage, is the dominant force. As she leads Doe through airport security, the girls are giddy and hysterical but their mood changes as soon as their flight is announced. These girls are not going on holiday, but to Istanbul, to be met by a stranger who will take them to the border to start a new life in Syria. Disaster strikes when their chaperone doesn’t show up, but they form a new plan to continue their journey alone, testing their resolve, their faith and their friendship.  As we discover the experiences that led them here, the girls get ever closer to their destination, so must confront the reality of their futures.

Genre: Drama

Welsh Connections

Co-Producers: Catryn Ramasut, Alice Lusher
Production company: ie ie Productions

Technical Details

Running time: TBC
Certificate: TBC


Dyddiad: TBC


Rights holder / distributor:  TBC

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