In This observational and testimonial documentary we follow Rudrani and her transgender models from the moment she conceives the idea of setting up a model agency. Against all odds Rudrani becomes Delhi’s highest profile trans activist, launching the agency under the intense glare of national and international media. After much rejection and numerous setbacks, she gradually builds the business as she gets featured on the cover pages of national magazines, stars in a drama film and scores media work for other models.
Traditional Hindu society recognises Hijra as the third sex, a community of holy hermaphrodites. Though this community is predominantly transgenders their blessings and curses are considered powerful yet paradoxically, they are considered outcasts, segregated from mainstream society, forced into begging or sex work to survive.

Rudrani and other Hijras crave love and support from their families, dignity and safety on the streets, and freedom to define themselves. The pain and difficulties of being Hijra in a hostile environment takes a toll on Rudrani’s personal life yet she never abandons the dream of making a real difference in her ancient, every-changing city.

The film culminates with meeting Rudrani’s mother, a traditional Hindu festival attended by millions with hijras at the heart of it and a spectacular catwalk in upmarket Delhi.


Director: Ila Mehrotra-Jenkins based in Wales
Gyda chefnogaeth: Ffilm Cymu Wales


Producer: Edward Dallal
Cast: Rudrani Chettri
Production Company: Spring Films


Length: 80 mins
Certificate: 12A
Format: MOV/MP4
Language: Hindi, English


Date: 2022

Contact: Spring Films