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Maxime, a young man in his mid-20s, works in a mine far from the city. He spends 14 days at the mine and 14 days at home. When he is at home in Val-d’Or, he shares his time with his girlfriend and his childhood friend Julien. Julien is disabled after a car accident caused by Maxime two years earlier. Consumed with guilt, Maxime seeks to redeem himself. But he is hampered by Mario, Julien’s father, who also works at the mine and still blames him. One day, an explosion occurs in the mine. As part of the rescue mission, Maxime goes underground, determined to save his friends and colleagues and bring them out alive.

Genre: Drama

Production Details

Director: Sophie Dupuis
Producer: Etienne Hansez, Andreas Roald, Dan Wechsler
Writer: Sophie Dupuis
Cinematographer: Mathieu Laverdière
Cast: Théodore Pellerin, Guillaume Cyr, Chantal Fontaine

Technical Details

Length: 1hr 37mins
Format: DCP
Language: French
Certificate: 15


Dyddiad: 20th August 2021

Distributor: Sovereign Films
Contact: chee@sovereignfilms.co.uk