The unnerving tale of life in a modern tower block running out of control. Within the concealing walls of an elegant forty-storey tower block, the affluent tenants are hell-bent on an orgy of destruction. Cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on ‘enemy’ floors and the once-luxurious amenities become an arena for technological mayhem…In this classic visionary tale, human society slips into violent reverse as the inhabitants of the high-rise, driven by primal urges, recreate a world ruled by the laws of the jungle.

High-Rise is a visceral adaptation of JG Ballard’s 1970s novel, brought to the screen by British filmmaker Ben Wheatley and his longtime writing collaborator and wife Amy Jump (Sightseers, A Field in England). Set in a dystopian alternate past, the film boasts a stellar British cast including Tom Hiddlestone, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller and Elizabeth Moss. The project received funding from the British Film Institute along with several other partners.


Director: Ben Wheatley
Writers: Amy Jump, J.G. Ballard (novel)
Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss


Length: 116 minutes
Certificate: 15
Format: DCP, DVD


Dyddiad: 18th March 2016
Festivals: Toronto Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival, London Film Festival, Torino Film Festival

“I loved its gnomic refusal of normal storytelling and the way it approximates the distance of Ballard’s prose. It’s the social-surrealist film of the year.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Distributor: Studio Canal