Kensuke’s Kingdom


Michael is taken by his family on a round-the-world sailing trip. When a storm strikes, he and his dog are washed overboard and end up marooned on a remote island in the Pacific. Unable to find food or water, he doesn’t expect to last long, until he discovers that a mysterious figure is watching over him. 

Genre: Animeiddio, Drama 

Welsh Connections

Production Company: Bumpy Box
Co-producer: Jon Rennie
Cyllid: Ffilm Cymru Wales 

Production Details

Director: Neil Boyle
Producers: Camilla Deakin, Ruth Fielding, Sarah Radclyffe, Barnaby Spurrier
Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Sally Hawkins, Cillian Murphy, Ken Watanabe
Production Companies: British Film InstituteFilm Fund Luxembourg

Technical Details

Length: Feature
Certificate: Coming soon..
Format: Coming soon..
Language: Coming soon..


Dyddiad: In development


Sales Agent: Bankside Films