Creative Practitioner Opportunity

An opportunity from a Year 6 and Year 4 Class at Kitchener Road Primary School in Cardiff, who are currently seeking a Creative Practioner. 

Our Creative Practitioner

Could YOU be the one for us? We are a Year 6 class and a Year 4 class, and we go to school at Kitchener Road Primary in Riverside, Cardiff.
We all enjoy coming to school and all want to do well. Our teachers say that we could do better in Maths, particularly with certain mathematical concepts, and certain ways of processing our thinking…so we are asking for your help!!

Could you bring your creative skills to our classroom? Could you teach us all (including our teachers) how to be more creative? Could you, at the same time, help us see Maths in a different way, so that we can possibly improve our results?

We have had a big talk with our Creative Agent and we have some ideas of the kind of person we think you should be. Although we all had different ideas of what you should like, there were certain qualities that we all agreed that you should possess as an essential.

So we wrote a list:

• You must be kind, and you must be patient and not shout (even if we get something wrong).
• You must be respectful and serious (but not too serious…)
• You must be funny with a good sense of humour.
• You must be gentle, clever and creative and talented.
• You must be caring and trustworthy and helpful.
• You must like children and have experience teaching children.
• You must be familiar with iStopMotion for the iPad
• You must be able to collaborate with our Teachers and our Creative Agent
• You must be enthusiastic about Maths
• You must be able to give good verbal feedback
• You must be quick thinking and able to improvise
• You must be flexible and adaptable
• You must have a good attention to detail (an eagles eye)
• You must be someone we can talk to.
• You must be organised.

We hope to meet you soon!
From Year 4 and Year 6

If you think you could be the person they are looking for please have a look at the Project Brief and contact *Matt Beere at or on 07891749880 for more information.

*Matt Beere, Create Agent for the Lead Creative Schools Scheme and Learning and Participation Officer for Chapter.