Blwyddyn y Môr 2018

Outstanding coastlines and epic experiences

all around our Welsh shores.

This project has now ended but you can still find programming inspiration and resources below, including the aims of the project and screenings that took place across Wales.

Efallai eich bod wedi gweld ein bod yn dathlu Blwyddyn y Môr yng Nghymru yn ystod 2018, gyda Blwyddyn Darganfod ar y gorwel ar gyfer 2019. Mae Visit Wales yn ein gwahodd i archwilio arfordir rhagorol ein gwlad, gan wahodd ymwelwyr i ddarganfod profiadau epig newydd o amgylch ein glannau, gyda digwyddiadau ac atyniadau arbennig trwy gydol y flwyddyn.

Mae Blwyddyn y Môr yn cyflwyno cyfle arbennig inni hyrwyddo Cymru i’r byd fel cyrchfan arfordirol yr 21ain Ganrif, o lannau llyn i lannau afonydd, baeau a thraethau. Tra maeAdrift a On Chesil Beach taro’r sgrin fawr, rydyn ni wedi treillio trwy restr o ffilmiau maint y môr i ddod â rhai o’n ffefrynnau ar thema’r môr i chi, o’r cyfoes, i’r cwlt a pheidio ag anghofio’r gorau o sinema Cymru.

Darllenwch ein canllaw rhaglennu a digwyddiadau llawn i ddod o hyd i’n rhestr o ffilmiau a ffyrdd o gynnal digwyddiadau gweithgaredd ychwanegol.

If you have a coast and sea themed season or event in mind that you would like some support for, we can offer bursaries of up to £500 (if you have something extra special in mind, then just let us know).

Mae enghreifftiau o’r costau y gallwn eu talu yn cynnwys:

  • Marchnata,
  • Allgyrraedd cymunedol,
  • Gwerth ychwanegol (costau Holi ac Ateb, gweithdai),
  • Audience evaluation,
  • Staffing.

All you need to do is get in touch by email to and tell us:

  • Eich dyddiad dangos/digwyddiad arfaethedig
  • Rhifau cynulleidfa,
  • Unrhyw gynlluniau ar gyfer digwyddiad arbennig,
  • Eich syniadau marchnata,
  • Costau rydych chi angen help gyda nhw,
  • Pa ornest y gallwch ei chynnig (swyddfa docynnau / amser mewn nwyddau ac ati). Canllaw 20-50%.

The season runs until the end of 2018.

  1. Tiger Bay (1959) PG: A 12-year-old tomboy witnesses a Polish merchant marine murder his girlfriend but rather than turn him in to the police she bonds with him and helps thwart their investigation.

  2. BFI Britain On Film: Coast and Sea (Various) U: A selection of films from the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales collection which bring history alive on film with a a sharp tang of sea salt as we drop in on beaches and promenades, harbours and islands for a glimpse of Wales’ coastal life through the 20th century.

  3. Twin Town (1997) 18: Two brothers spend their time on drugs and joyriding until their breaks his leg working for the local dodgy businessman. When the pair demand compensation from the small time gangster it unleashes a ferocious feud, with each side trying to top the other.

  1. Submarine (2011) 15: A young man has two objectives; to lose his virginity before his next birthday and to extinguish the flames between his mother and her ex-lover who has resurfaced in her life.

  1. The Lighthouse (2016) 15: A film based on real events; two lighthouse keepers are stranded for months at sea in a freak storm, which slowly takes its toll on their mental wellbeing.

  2. The Edge Of Love (2008) 15:  Two feisty and free-spirited young women are both in love with the same man; the charismatic poet, Dylan Thomas, who loves them both.

  1. Sleep Furiously (2008) U: A snapshot of a way of life in Trefeurig near Aberystwyth, where the landscape and population is changing rapidly, as small scale agriculture is disappearing and the generation who inhabited a pre-mechanised world is dying out.

  1. Dan Y Wenallt/Under Milk Wood (2014) U: Residents of Dylan Thomas’ fictional Welsh community are brought to life by some famous faces as they share stories of their life in a small seaside town.

  1. Pink Suede Shoes (2017) Uncertified Short: Every year Porthcawl hosts the biggest Elvis tribute festival in Europe. We join a contestant in the days leading up to the competition as he recalls how his troubled childhood fed his desire for fame.

  2. Third Star (2010) 15: A dying young man sets off on a mission to Barafundle Bay, aided by the help of his three closest friends on his journey of a lifetime.

Here are some of the projects that happened across the season:

  • Theatr Gwaun screened The Island and the Whales on Aug 17 as part of the Land Of The Sea event in Fishguard and Goodwick.
  • Porthcawl Pavillion screened a variety of films from Sept 6-27 such as Jaws, Submarine and Twin Town.
  • Wicked Wales International Youth Festival offered pop-up screenings at White Rose Shopping Centre, Rhyl of Moana and Song Of The Sea on Sept 8.
  • Galeri, Caernarfon opens their new second screening with parent and baby and relaxed screenings of Moana and Twin Town with STAMP sea themed films made by local artists in Sept 21-27.
  • Phoenix Ton Pentre will screen BFI Britain On Film: Coast and Sea archive package with a special beach themed quiz on Sept 21-27.
  • Pontio Arts Centre will screen Lars Von Trier’s Breaking the Waves followed by Michelangelo Antonioni  L’avventura, in partnership with Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences, as well as BFI Britain On Film: Coast and Sea archive package on Oct 6 &16.
  • Working in partnership Tywyn Beach Guardians, The Magic Lantern will screen Deep Blue alongside a local beach clean-up. As a matinee for families, Song of the Sea will be accompanied by some special coastal craft activities. Red Turtle will be followed by a sea-themed quiz on Friday night, Jaws on Saturday by a 70s night and on Sunday evening there will be a screening coastal archives from BFI Britain On Film: Coast and Sea archive package on Oct 19-21.
  • SeeMor Festival screenings are set to be announced for Oct 20 & 21.