Llogi Offer Cinema for All

Image: Sinemaes, National Eisteddfod of Wales (2016)

Bydd Cynllun Llogi Offer is designed to help members who need to hire kit for pop up screenings.

Cinema For All has multiple sets of equipment, one of which is hosted in Cardiff and is available to hire at low prices.

Er mwyn helpu grwpiau newydd i ddechrau, mae’r pecyn offer yn cynnwys:

  • taflunydd
  • sgrin gludadwy
  • amp
  • seinydd
  • Chwaraewr Blu-Ray a cheblau

For more information on how to hire the cinema equipment please contact Cinema for All by emailing pat@cinemaforall.org.uk or calling 0114 221 0314. Visit the equipment hire web page for full details.

Sbotolau Aelod

Find out more about Sinema Sawdwrn in Carmarthenshire who used the Cinema for All Kit to successfully
launch their screenings before securing funds to buy their own.