Chuck Chuck Baby

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Chuck Chuck Baby is a musical drama set in and around a chicken factory in industrial North Wales. Helen , a reserved, gentle woman, is slowly collapsing under the weight of her inexplicable life. She lives with her torpid husband and his much younger girlfriend (and their new colicky baby), working nights at the local chicken processing plant. There are two things that keep her hanging on: music, and her dear elderly mother-in-law Gwen, whom she cares for. This dismal state of affairs is interrupted when Joanne, a former neighbour (and Helen’s schoolgirl crush), arrives back in town after her father’s death. What begins as a casual meeting between the two women swiftly turns to friendship and then to love.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, LGBTQI+ / Queer cinema, Musical

Welsh Connections

Director / Writer: Janis Pugh
Producer: Adam Partridge
Cast: Celyn Jones
Locations: Port of Mostyn and surrounding area
Cyllid: Ffilm Cymru Wales

Other Key Production Details

Producer: Anne Beresford, Andrew Gillman, Peggy Cafferty
Cast: Louise Brealey, Annabel Scholey, Sorcha Cusack

Technical Details

Running time: 1 hour 41 minutes
Language: English
Certificate: TBC
Format: DCP / Check with rights holder for non-theatrical bookings
Accessibility: Audio description and subtitles


Dyddiad: 19 Gorffennaf 2024


  • Cannes Film Festival, 2023 (The Great 8)
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2023
  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2023