Chwedl Dŵr / Fairytale of Water

Gwylio’r Rhagddangosiad:
Mae gan y ffilm yma ragddangosiad i aelodau
Mewngofnodwch i wylio


Beneath the west Welsh waters are stories – flood myths – that tell of a time when you could walk across Cardigan Bay to Ireland. Above the sea are forgotten fairytales that tell of dreamers who built utopian lands, old ladies who made love potions with well water, and rivers who were seen as people. Using old methods of visual storytelling that gave rise to the fledgling film industry, filmmaker and sound artist Jacob Whittaker and storyteller and illustrator Peter Stevenson take a journey through time to hear these lost voices in the water.

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale

Welsh Connections

Narrated and Directed by: Peter Stevenson
Camera: Jacob Whittaker
Technical Assistant: Marc Hayes
Music: Elsa Davies and Ceri Owen-Jones
Lleoliad: Filmed in West Wales
Story: Based on Welsh Folk Tales
Cyllid: Wales One World Film Festival, Duress, Cymerau, Aberystwyth

Technical Details

Length: 40 mins
Language: English and Welsh
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: DCP, MOV/MP4, 35mm


Dyddiad: 19th September 2021 (Premiere at the Wales One World Film Festival)



  • Wales One World Film Festival (2021)

Other Details

Peter Stevenson has written and illustrated many books of fairy tales and folk tales that complement the film. There will be a book published by the History Press on 15 Oct 2021 called ‘Boggarts Trolls & Tylwyth Teg, Folk Tales of Hidden People and Lost Lands, and some of the stories came from Peter Stevenson’s Welsh Folk Tales (History Press 2017) Ceredigion Folk Tales (History Press 2014) and The Moon-eyed People (History Press 2019)

Rightsholder: Peter Stevenson