Music Theatre Wales: The House of Jollof Opera

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Adeola is a budding chef. He brings style and his specialty, vegan jollof. Asha is a tired, hard-working boss of a neighbourhood café. Will her job criteria barriers deter Adeola, or will he bring the flavour party she needs? Welcome to The House of Jollof Opera, written by Tumi Williams as an exploration and expansion of the operatic form, and directed by Sita Thomas, a multidisciplinary director. The creative duo enjoyed developing their collaborative relationship, bringing their own cultural heritages to the piece, and engaging in contemporary opera in Cardiff.

Genre: Short, Opera

Welsh Connections

Directed by: Sita Thomas
Written by: Tumi Williams
Cast: Tumi Williams, Asha Jane
Drum Sample: Ayo Lademi
Sound Designer & Engineer – Sanders at Kings Road Studio
Edited by: Marcus Georges & Nick Wotton for Redbrck
Lleoliad: Riverside, Cardiff
Commissioned by Music Theatre Wales
Cyllid: Arts Council of Wales


Technical Details

Length: 3 minutes
Language: English
Format: MOV/MP4
Certificate: Uncertified
Accessibility: AD and CC available in English and Welsh


Dyddiad: 24th September 2021


Screened at:

  • Chapter Movie Maker
  • Snowcat Cinema, Penarth

Rights Holder: Music Theatre Wales