Screen Heritage Season 2021 – New Directions

New Directions was a fund for archive film events to retrace the historic steps that have brought the UK to its current political and cultural crossroads.

Taking place in the summer of 2021, New Directions supported screenings that explored pivotal moments of modern history where the people of the UK tried to break with the past, change direction or embark on new journeys. The fund supported adventurous collaborations between exhibitors and archives that showcase screen heritage and invite audiences to reconsider contemporary issues through archive film.

First launched in January 2020, New Directions was paused in March 2020 due to Covid-19. Even at that time, the UK was already at a complex crossroads moment, both politically and culturally as it negotiated a new geopolitical position in the world. The intervening twelve months have only amplified these complexities, whilst also bringing about unexpected new changes to everyday life and reigniting long-standing debates about the UK both in the past and the present.

While the season has now ended, you can still find programming inspiration via the New Directions webpage – including ‘Lost Connections’,  an archive-based short film available to book.