The Fight


Tina, a busy mother of three, can barely find any time for herself. With her husband on nightshifts, her eldest daughter being bullied at school, her parents’ relationship on the rocks, not to mention juggling her own full-time job, she feels life overwhelming her. But things are about to get even more complicated when the reappearance of a former school rival forces Tina to face up to some difficult memories. Determined to regain control, Tina steps into the boxing ring and discovers how to fight for herself…

The Fight is the directorial debut from Jessica Hynes (W1A, Twenty Twelve, The Royle Family) with cinematography from BAFTA Cymru winner Ryan Eddleston (Prevenge, Black Mountain Poets, Timeshift: The Poet Who Loved The War: Ivor Gurney, American Interior).


Executive Producer: Jamie Adams
Cinematography: Ryan Eddleston (BAFTA Cymru winner)


Director: Jessica Hynes
Cinematography: Ryan Owen Eddleston
Producers: Noel Clarke, Jason Maza, David Wade, Maggie Monteith
Production Company: Dignity Film Finance, Unstoppable Entertainment, Hallworthy Films
Cast: Jessica Hynes, Anita Dobson, Christopher Fairbank, Liv Hill, Alice Lowe, Russell Brand


Length: 91 min
Certificate: 12A
Format: DCP, DVD
Language: English


Dyddiad: 27th February 2019

Distributor: Munro Film Services
Contact:  Frank Smith: