The Gospel of Us


Easter. Port Talbot is in a battle for its life. Authoritarian forces have taken over and the town is in thrall to ICU, a sinister and merciless corporation depleting the town of its resources with scant regard for the residents. The atmosphere is explosive. Resistance is inevitable. When a company man and suicide bomber clash on the beach, catastrophe is only averted by the intervention of a softly spoken man who had disappeared 40 days earlier. Revealed later as the Teacher (Michael Sheen), he attracts followers and becomes a focus for the Resistance. His influence quickly draws the attention of ICU, who perceive him as a danger who must be removed at all costs… Dave McKean presents THE GOSPEL OF US, the film adaptation of the ground-breaking theatre event starring Michael Sheen. Taking inspiration from one of the defining narratives of our times, this contemporary re-telling of the Passion story took place across the town, with the people of Port Talbot as its cast, crew and heroes.


Writer: Owen Sheers
Producer: Eryl Phillips
Filming Location / Set in: Port Talbot, Wales
Cast: Michael Sheen, Hywel Simons, Di Botcher


Director: Dave McKean
Production Company: Rondo Media Production


Running time: 115 minutes
Certificate: 12
Format: DVD, DCP
Language: English


Dyddiad: 4th August 2012

Rights / Contact: Soda Pictures