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Blooming’ is a 1 minute short film made by co-directors and animators Sophie Marsh and Efa Blosse Mason. The film uses sweaty plaster scene to explore the sexual tension between a bee and a garden of flowers. This short stop motion comedy invents a world from a plant’s eye view using vibrant and sticky plaster scene and paper cut out backgrounds for a less child-friendly ‘Kiri and Lu’ style film, accompanied by the hilarious sound design by Phill Brookes. The flowers in this garden come alive one summer’s day as a bee flies past looking for some sweet, sweet nectar. Efa and Sophie have collaborated together for several years on professional projects, however this film was made without funding, in their spare time, just for the joy of animation and making something amusing and silly. ‘Blooming’ has been exhibited at the Glynne Vivian as part of On Your Face Collective’s exhibition, and has been screened on the opening night of the Iris Prize 2022. It has also been selected for Leeds Queer Film Festival, Big Teeth Festival and Monstra.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, LGBTQI+ / Queer cinema

Welsh Connections

Directed by: Efa Blosse Mason

Technical Details

Length: 1 minute
Language: English, Welsh
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: MOV or MP4


Dyddiad: 22nd July 2022

Rightsholder: Efa Blosse Mason
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