Breaking The Dragon’s Back

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The legendary Montane Dragon’s Back Race crosses the highest mountains in Wales. From Conwy to Cardiff Castle, it is a gruelling six days, running 380km and climbing 17,400 metres. The world’s toughest mountain race! First held in 1992, it attracts the world’s best ultra runners but it has never been won by a Welsh runner. In 2021 a severe heatwave added to the challenge as Russell Bentley and Simon Roberts compete to be the first Welsh Runner to win the Dragon’s Back Race.

Genre: Documentary

Welsh Connections

Director / Producer / Writer: Huw Erddyn
Co-Producer: Llion Iwan
Editor: Alan Meredith
Cast: Russell Bentley and Simon Roberts
Lleoliad: Welsh mountains
Production Company: Cwmni Da
Cyllid: Welsh Government

Technical Details

Length: 46 minutes 17 seconds
Language: English
Certificate: PG
Format: DCP, MOV/MP4


Dyddiad: 2022

Rightsholder: Cwmni Da
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