Sometimes a fleeting moment can change the rest of your life. Three generations of a family experience unexpected moments of guilty pleasure, the day after a funeral…a film about desire, expectation and self-discovery.

Welsh Connection

Director/Writer: Leyla Pope

Production details

Producer: Geoffrey Morgan
Executive Producer: John Richards
Cinematography: Huw Walters
Music: Jack Westmore
Cast: Howell Evans, Efa Blosse-Mason, Liam Burgoyne, Vanessa Bailey, Laurence Patrick, Jason Denyer

Technical Details

Length: 13 minutes
Format: MOV/MP4 (Vimeo)
Language: English
Certificate: Unknown


Date: 2010


  • Winner of Ffresh film festival award for fiction 2012
  • Screened additionally at Screetest Festival 2012,
  • The Portobello Film Festival 2011,
  • The Screen at Hay Festival of British Cinema 2011,
  • Thurrock Film Festival 2012

Rights: Leyla Pope
Cyswllt: leyla.pope@gmail.com