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In October 2020 we ran a workshop on carbon literacy/climate emergency with Rhodri Thomas, Principal Sustainability Consultant at Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales).

During Rhodri’s session, we reviewed terminology, facts and impacts of climate change, undertook a practical risk assessment task and outlined a range of actions that you can take to reduce your organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve put Rhodri’s presentations and resources in one place in case you missed the session, or want to revisit.

You can watch the Climate Emergency session in our preview room above.
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Rhodri Thomas, Principal Sustainability Consultant at Cynnal Cymru (Sustain Wales)
Contact: rhodri@cynnalcymru.com

Cynnal Cymru: Climate Emergency

View below or download yma.

We also ran a session on Disability equality with Disability Arts Cymru. Find the presentations and resources