Dreams and Desires – Family Ties


Beryl acquires a new Digi Video camera and becomes obsessed with the art of filmmaking, using it to articulate her desires, dreams and thoughts in a video diary. As “cineaste par excellence” she agrees to film her friend’s wedding, seizing the opportunity to “strut her stuff filmically” with disastrous and often hilarious results. The ultimate wedding video.

Welsh Connections

Director: Joanna Quinn
Producer/Writer: Les Mills
Cast: Menna Trussler

Production Details

Music: Constantino Martinez Orts
Cast: Rachel Atkins, Brendan Charleson, Pepi Blade, Menna Trussler
Additional Animation: Andy McPherson, Arjan Wilschut
Editor: Paul Hibbs

Technical Details

Length: 9 mins
Format: Online
Language: English
Certificate: Unknown


Date: 2009



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