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Mewngofnodwch i wylio


A young autistic boy named Sam, with a passion for western films, must decide whether to stand down or stay his ground when a showdown for the soul of his village takes place in the local corner shop.

Genre: Western, Drama

Welsh Connections

Director/Writer/Editor/Producer: Lewis Carter
Director/Cinematography/Editor/Producer: Kristian Kane
Production Company: Fine Rolling Media
Cast: Ellen Jane-Thomas, Craig McDonald, Isabelle Paige
Executive Producer: Richard Mylan
Co-Producer: Shannon Britton
1st AD: Kate Beasley
Starring: Charlie Lock, David Constant, Natalie Paisey, Erin Jennings, Scott Knighton, Linda Bailey, Louisa St Bartholomew-Brown Morgan, Michael Austin, Serena Williams, Craig McDonald , and the voice of Tobias Weatherburn.
Lleoliad: Filmed in various locations in South Wales, most notably the village of Bedlinog.
Story: Inspired by the village of Bedlinog, where the writer spent a lot of time growing up, which was once described as a ‘Wild West Village’ in a newspaper as an insult. He took it as a badge of honour and the seed for a modern, Welsh, Western film set in South Wales was planted.

Technical Details

Length: 15 mins
Certificate: PG
Format: MOV, MP4
Language: English


Dyddiad: 2nd March 2019


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