Dementia Friendly Screenings: Chapter

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Dementia Friendly Screenings: Chapter

Chapter are working to make their programme more accessible for people living with dementia. As part of this project, they invited anyone living with dementia to a special screening of Dad’s Army in March 2016, followed by an informal feedback session with refreshments after the screening.

This pilot event is an opportunity for people living with dementia to enjoy a screening of Dad’s Army in a relaxed friendly environment and have direct input into the work Chapter are doing to make the centre more dementia friendly. From doing this event Chapter hope to develop their relationship between audiences and wider supportive communities around dementia with an aim of raising awareness as well as making the centre and its programme more accessible.

In the long run they want to schedule regular dementia friendly screenings along with occasional special events and feedback sessions. They want to use this knowledge to enhance the rest of their programme, adapt & improve their facilities and develop a toolkit that can be offered to other venues who want to do something similar.

The screening was open to people living with dementia i.e. those diagnosed with and their family, friends, neighbours or carers. They also welcomed charity workers, medical professionals, care home staff, social workers and support staff.

For more information on current screenings, you can email the cinema coordinator

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