A Year in a Field

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Gwylio’r Rhagddangosiad:
Mae gan y ffilm yma ragddangosiad i aelodau
Mewngofnodwch i wylio


BAFTA-winning documentarian Christopher Morris invites us to slow down, as he films for a year in a West Cornwall field; to immerse ourselves in this quiet, direct-action of stillness, to take a breath and reflect on the planetary impacts of our brief human existence, under the watchful gaze of the Longstone, a 4,000-year-old standing stone that predominates this elemental landscape.

From Winter Solstice 2020 to Winter Solstice 2021, a string of unprecedented worldwide climate disasters, met by weak global political resolve, are revealed as just fleeting moments, under the ever-present unflinching granite gaze of the Longstone.

As the wheel of the year turns, Morris’s ecosophical polemic unearths a mythic reality buried just below the furrowed soil of our consumerist age, suggesting, perhaps, that whilst time may feel like it’s running away at an ever-increasing rate, it’s not too late to pause, reflect, and change.

Genre: Documentary, Environmental

Welsh Connections

Director / Writer / Voiceover by: Christopher Morris

Technical Details

Length: 1 hour 26 minutes
Language: English, Cornish
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: DCP, MOV/MP4
Accessibility: English subtitles


Dyddiad: September 22nd 2023



  • Sheffield Doc Fest (2023)
  • Green Man Festival (2023)
  • Magnificent 7 – Serbia (2023)
  • Zurich Film Festival (2023)
  • Llais Film Festival (2023)
  • Folkstone Documentary Festival (2023)

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