Getting Away with Murder(s)


Almost 1 million people in 22 countries carried out the unprovoked murder of 11 million innocent men, women and children. 99% of those responsible were never prosecuted; most were never even questioned. The Allies knew what their crime was. The Allies knew where a great many of the murderers could be found – Germany, Austria, Italy, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and numerous countries in South America. The Allies had an endless wealth of evidence to present to the courts. The Allies unanimously agreed to prosecute those responsible when they drew up The London Agreement in August 1945. But, after the late 1940s, these very same Allies did almost nothing. Why?

Genre: Documentary, WW2

Welsh Connections

Co-Writer: Emlyn Price
Cast: Donald Ferencz

Production Details

Director, Producer, Co-writer: David Wilkinson

Technical Details

Length: 175 minutes
Language: English
Certificate: 15
Format: DCP


Dyddiad: 1st October 2021


Rights Holder: Guerilla Films Limited and Tull Stories