Hope Eternal


Hope Eternal tells the story of a 40 year old Madagascan nurse called Hope. Hope and her rugby loving 13 yr old daughter Bantu help street kids who have been trafficked and abused, regain their self respect.

Hope meets and falls deeply in love with Evan, a rebellious medicine sans frontier doctor.  It’s a drama set in Real Africa. Filmed in Fatima, a hospice/township close to the Congo – Zambia border. Beautifully photographed it is a multi genre film –  a love story/road movie/ thriller/metaphysical film – about lost Hope, lost Love, and Hope re discovered – a New Life seen through the dreams of a mother and daughter as they escape traffickers, rape and disease crossing Africa from the Congo through Zambia and Zimbabwe – to Johannesbourg on 10,000 mile journey which ends with Hope and Bantu arriving in Wales as aspiring asylum seekers as guests of Evan’s sister, Elen.


Director / Writer: Karl Francis
Cast: Richard Harrington
Production Company: Bloom Street Productions, S4C


Stars: Christine Rochat Genoud, Lusungu Munthali


Length: 120 minutes
Format: Check with distributor
Certificate: Uncertified, check with distributor
Language: Bemba | Swahili | Afrikaans | Welsh | English


Dyddiad: 15th September 2008

“What a passionate and intense film Hope Eternal is.” Mark Cousins, film critic and former director of Edinburgh Film Festival

Rights: Karl Francis
Contact: karl@karlfrancis.com



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