Mother’s Day

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Mewngofnodwch i wylio


Emrys is a mixed race, 7-year-old boy, living in Cardiff with his Mum, Wendy. Walking to school, he plays the same imaginative games he always does, but today, his mother is a shadow of her normal self. Entering a severe mental health depression, unbeknownst to Emrys, Wendy has called her mother betty from Barbados to come and take care of him while she is unable to.

When Betty arrives, Emrys is simply told his Mum ‘needs a break’. But a break from what and who? Emrys must now navigate a new uncertain world. A Mum who can’t get out of bed, a new culture his Grandmother has walked through the door, and an imagination that sometimes plays tricks on him.

With Mother’s Day close, Emrys is sure his gift for his Mum will fix everything. When it doesn’t, Emrys’ understanding of the world shifts. His love for space and his imagination is threatened. It’s his Gran who guides Emrys through the dark, to help him understand that ‘a card can’t fix this, Emrys can’t fix this, and it isn’t his fault.

His mum will always love him to the moon and will always come back.

Genre: Coming of age, Drama

Welsh Connections

Director and Writer: Emily Burnett
Producer: Laura Southgate
Anita Reynolds
Cyllid: Ffilm Cymru Wales & BBC Cymru Wales

Technical Details

Length: 15 minutes
Language: English
Access: Audio description and subtitles
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: MOV/MP4/DCP


Dyddiad: 2024

Rightsholder: Cliff Edge Pictures
Booking Contact: Laura Southgate