Sin Eater


Christmas Evans, the one-eyed Welsh preacher conducts a sin eating service for the deceased son of a wealthy family.

Welsh Connections

Director / Writer: Oliver Gabe
Producer: Caroline Lane
Cast: Steffan Rhodri, Darren Evans, Olwen Medi, Wayne Cater
Lleoliad: Hen Fethel Chapel, Glannamman, Ammanford
Story / Narrative: Based on the history of Sin Eating in the Amman Valley
Cyllid: BBC Wales, Ffilm Cymru Wales – Ffolio

Technical Details

Length: 6 minutes
Language: English, Welsh
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: DCP, MOV/MP4
Accessibility: English and Welsh subtitles


Dyddiad: In production / development

Rightsholder: Oliver Gabe
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