A dinner party turns awkward when the host appears with the taxidermied body of her recently deceased husband.

Stuffed is a BFI Network short, where Alister and Ellen are invited to attend a welcome home dinner hosted by their wealthy and self-absorbed friends, Gwen and Crawford. Needing extra funding to finish their groundbreaking documentary about the bat-eared fox, they agree to engage in a dull evening with the hopes of squeezing extra cash from their friends. Over pre-dinner drinks, Gwen begins talking about the new man in her life, Brian. Alister and Ellen learn that Crawford crashed his motorcycle into a ditch and passed away. Devastated by his sudden death, and longing for company, Gwen reveals that she decided to “keep him around” for a little longer. At dinner, Alister and Ellen find Crawford’s stuffed body sitting at his usual spot at the table. Forced into Gwen’s warped “reality” for an evening, Ellen plays along while Alister is terrified and deeply disturbed by his friends’ new state. Gwen explains Crawford had one last wish before he died and that she had a secret motive for inviting them to dinner. Convinced that Gwen wants them to do a four-some, Ellen attempts to get Alister to agree to engage in the sexual adventure in order to get the funding to finish their film. Ellen proclaims that they’ll have the foursome as Gwen asks them to take Crawford on their next documentary shoot in Botswana (so he can see the Sahara). Disgusted by Ellen’s behavior, Gwen kicks the couple out of the house. They leave the house, without the money while their relationship is altered forever.


Writer/Director: Carys Lewis
Producer: Lisa Davies
Lleoliad: Filmed in Monmouth, Wales

Supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales Beacons BFI NETWORK


Cast:  Ronni Ancona, Niky Wardley, Michael Sheehan, Alex Nagel


Length: 00:09:56
Format: 16:9/Widescreen HD TV
Language: English


Dyddiad: 2018

Cyswllt: Carys Lewis – / 07464740938