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Timestalker is a karmic journey that sees the hapless heroine Agnes reincarnated every time she makes the same mistake: falling in love with the wrong man. The film is a thrilling tale of misplaced affection, unrequited lust and revenge. One story, many periods – each one filled with the messy thrills and spills that come with daring to following your heart. Or maybe your loins…

The film promises to be a hilarious, violent tale that encapsulates the female romantic predicament in multiple eras.

Genre: Comedy, Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi

Welsh Connections

Produced by: Vaughan Sivell
Lleoliad: Cardiff and Penpont House in Brecon
Cyllid: Ffilm Cymru Wales and Creative Wales
Cast: Aneurin Barnard

Production Details

Director / Writer / Actor: Alice Lowe
Cast: Alice Lowe, Jacob Anderson, Tanya Reynolds, Nick Frost

Technical Details

Length: 90 mins
Language: English
Certificate: TBC
Format: DCP
Accessibility: Audio Description


  • Dyddiad: 27th September 2024


  • SXSW 2024, World Premiere

Rightsholder: Vertigo Releasing