The Whole Story: The Toll

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‘The Whole Story’ is a new series of interviews, podcasts and more designed to celebrate films with Welsh connections.

Listen to our exclusive interview with the writers and directors of the Toll and Showdown


Film Hub Wales’s Made in Wales Officer Radha Patel sat down to talk about Welsh westerns with screen writer Matt Redd and Director Ryan Andrew Hooper. Their darkly-comic thriller – The Toll, about a lone toll-booth operator with a past that is fast catching up with him, will be released in the UK on August 27ed.

They’re joined by Lewis Carter and Kristian Kane who co-directed Showdown (written by Carter) which will be screening alongside The Toll in select cinemas. Showdown is a short film about a young autistic boy with a passion for western films who is faced with a showdown for the soul of his village, in the local corner shop.


Listen to their interview here

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